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PLEASE NOTE, I can NOT give quotes, estimates or even 'a rough idea of the cost' over the phone. Please email me the pictures & information as requested on this page.  Many Thanks, Andy


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How much does a repair cost?

A - This varies from as little as £60 depending on the repair, vehicle location, colour etc.....

If you send me an email with the info asked for below I can give you an idea.


Q - How good will the repair be?

A - This varies, but with if you email me with the info asked for below, I will be able to give you an idea.


Q - Can you repair chrome finishes?

A - Sadly, not at the moment.


Q - Can I change the colour of a leather interior?

A - Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it as if the leather is scratched or wears the orginal colour will show through.




For a speedy trim repair estimate please send me an e-mail with the following information.


Details of the required repair.


- Pictures, a close up & another further back so I can see where in the vehicle the damage is.


- Location in the country where the vehicle is.


- Vehicle Details - Make, Model, Year etc



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